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We are proud to have retained our position at 9th in the UK!


The Belles had another fantastic time at LABBS Convention in Harrogate from the 26th to the 28th of October, 2018.  It was another brilliant convention and ‘The Belles’ are so proud to have been a part of it for another year!


We have had a busy, challenging year, and getting to perform at the convention, with our friends around us, has been the cherry on top of the cake.  Our preparation this year once again included coaching from the fantastic, inspiring Cindy Hansen, with Mark Hale also providing us with great help, inspiration and guidance.


Our fabulous MD and her assistants, along with our hard working music team, provided us with guidance, support and energy building on our fabulous coaching. We are blessed to have such dedicated, committed people leading us! We are also delighted to have been able to reward and thank them with our performance, in which we retained our position at 9th in the UK!


The LABBS competition this year saw 64 Belles on stage, including 4 first timers! We are so proud of how hard all of our first timers worked, and how well they have fitted in with the rest of the Belles. We couldn’t imagine being there without them!


We were proud to unveil our new look this convention.  Our wonderful wardrobe mistress Carmel has been busy behind the scenes, and now we have fabulous, monochrome blazers that turned quite a few heads in Harrogate!  Thank you Carmel!


Every Belle had a great weekend, loving the performance and the emotional roller coaster that is competing.  We’re already looking forward to LABBS 2019 in Llandudno!